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Not literally 
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Not literally 

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Kind of Dad I want to be…

Capable Provider

Apr 6, 2013

You became the very contradiction to what you first preached

Main subject you preached was that you do not favor hypocrites

Talk about an irony…

Mar 9, 2013

Talking to myself

#1: I told myself I wouldn’t give a fuck

#2: That’s quite a bold move

#1:  Why?

#2: You’re announcing an action you can’t enforce

#1: Well this wouldn’t be the first time…

#2: Every time you go through an disappointing experience with someone, you can’t bitch about it every single time. People have different perspective, no matter how much they seem to have in common with you, separation is bound to happen just as the first exchange of greetings occur. They neglect, lie, or just turn out to be a complete bitch to you, but don’t go off by saying you don’t care, because caring means you have a firm hold in life, without your willingness to care for others regardless of what happens, might as well to end this meaningless tale. Before you confront them and make yourself look pathetic, confront yourself, if still not pleased, take more time to repeat the process.

#1: I can’t


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"I won’t bail on you as long as you don’t bail on me"

I guess this is too idealistic to be realistic

Jan 28, 2013

Yet Another

I think at this point, I fucked it up again, for both you and myself

At this point, I feel as though I lost the connection between us

Every kind words you spoke out, I took them in with joy

Too insolent to know, it was just a hollow benevolence

I miss the interaction, connection, and affection

Since the time I promised to be more independent

I held myself back, pushing back the urge to extend my hand

Taking the initiative to talk to the one I just needed

From feeling the silence, I can see it was just me

I can’t blame you, since you’re not the only one

It’s a vicious cycle, yet only one getting devoured is me

But it’s fine, I enjoyed the time until it lasted

For some period of time, I had a person with talent

The talent to make me be benevolent

Feeling like I mean something for someone

Maybe you did care, but I can see it hadn’t bothered to last

The only pathetic part is, why am I still moping?

Jan 11, 2013 / 1 note

"Ugly Duckling"

Its really unfortunate that you and I dont share the same perspective.

You condescend to yourself as if you are a bottom rung of society. But to me, you have so much beauty and heart and also you have so much to offer. Honestly your lack of self indulgence bothers me, and you haunt yourself everyday by depicting yourself as the ugly duckling, when really, you don’t yet realize how significant you are.

In the short novel Ugly Duckling, the little duckling constantly demeans herself since she was “different,” so she considered her appearance and personality to be hideous compared to other ducklings because of some certain factors leading to it. But later realizes that she is really a swan. In the end, she was the one who received all envy and praise.

In my eyes you still havent accepted who you are, and well, you may have not realized this, but youre already closer from being a swan than an ugly duckling.

How fortunate am I in the presence of a swan and consider us to be acquainted, yet its not desirable for both of us when you constantly denounce yourself as the lesser being All individuals go through hardship and you my friend, have idyllic course of events ahead of you if you would just realize yourself and give yourself a chance and some deserved credits.

Maybe its not my business,” and in order for a revelation, one need to contact herself, so I’ll step back, but even if I step back, Ill keep on watching you from afar praying for your path.

Youre a beautiful person

Good bye. Until you come bearing the good news

Jan 11, 2013

crystallized-maad said: I la la la love your blog :)!

haha thanks, it’s just me ranting but i’m glad you like it :)

Jan 10, 2013 / 1 note

You Like Any Other

Fucking Hypocrite 

Dec 25, 2012


Too bad I don’t celebrate it

Doesn’t matter, since I’ll just be that Christmas Grinch with nobody to share the celebration with

I need my Cindy Lou Who…

Dec 17, 2012


I say it behind your back

… Just because I lack the courage to say it to your face and possibly hurt your feelings… oh wait, it seems as though you don’t care much for likes of me anyways…

What’s holding me back

Maybe I don’t want to ruin that slim chance of us actually making it

Damn that optimism… it’s a bitch that holds me back constantly

You humor me by feeding me constant lies… sure I believe you… maybe I’m no better than you, since I lead on to make you believe I have no problem with you…

Still, why can’t I help to be attracted to you…

Dec 7, 2012


Individuals enters my life with exuberance, and feel as though the experience would be ever-lasting

little do I know from that moment that we were going to be strangers once again

How could I have guessed, from seeing us so close, why would I even want to consider the possibility of us drifting

But after some time, I notice the decrease of affection, and attentiveness…

At first I tell myself it’s due to erratic outside factors not allowing you to be the person who I knew you as.

Skepticism start kicking in, I question your intentions towards this relationship… was it just me now? foolishly attempting to revive what has been already lost?

Then when I confront you, comes with the excuses and lies… just stop, this is just turning pathetic now, I don’t want you to make it more shameful than it is now.

You act as if nothing wrong is occurring  that I’m the one just interpretative the situation wrongly.

Maybe if you showed noticeable effort and initiative I would buy into it, but since you’ve neglected to do that, I’m sorry I can’t.

There’s not even a goodbye, there’s no need, since it’s been long since you’ve stop interacting with me anyways… 

Nov 28, 2012


Heaven lit an opportunity up for grabs

Ambitions soon crowded among hearty lads

Without any thought, the ambition took over

Never to look at the situation and think it over

Possessed bodies fighting for their one chance to a good life

With much struggle, I also tried to reach for that dim light

Chances were so slim, yet so seductive

No way to ignore, even though it’s elusive

Shoved by the crowd, thrown out by the crowd

Ended up in the outskirts of the crowd that are all so loud

I climbed, shoved, kicked, all useless

I couldn’t diverge into all that mass

Walked away from the sight with my head turned down

With just a glimpse, you could notice my distinct frown

Despaired, thinking that was my only chance of escape

Escape from this intolerable menace without a face

Oh well I thought, I never deserved it in the first place

Opportunities only goes to the those I cannot relate

A sound closing in, foot steps

I wonder who? have no clue

Exhausted, fatigued, tuckered, burned out

No strength to hold up my head and pout

Hand reaching out

Disputing whether to grab it or not

It was you, no matter what I decided, you lifted me up anyways

At first, distasteful, didn’t want you here in the first place

Took me by the hand and showed me hope

Given me a revelation which I would hold so dear

Appreciation started to rise and willingness to cope

Almost passed out when you said “for you, I’ll be here”

It doesn’t concern me anymore that I didn’t gain the opportunity

I trust your word as you lifted me up from the squalid gutter

As of life would allow me, I would sanction this great pity

What you have given are more Idyllic than any other

Because I’ll be overjoyed with the little glimpse of light you bring in 

Nov 28, 2012

Yet Another

I don’t want to be alone, since if I’m alone, I often think, and when I think, I make myself down the weather, and then I scare myself wondering if I’m going to get out of this mindset… oh well, I can be one of the “bad apple” who’ll never reach into greater parts of life and would never be wanted by the “consumers”.

Nov 27, 2012

The Wait

Does anybody take initiative anymore? I guess they won’t if the thing they neglect is impotent, yet care enough as to keep and play with them…